Difference Makers Who Dare To Live With Passion, Follow Their Purpose And Commit To Helping Others!

Dare To Be A Difference Maker Available Now!
Dare To Be A Difference Maker is a unique collection of stories, not only from inspired leaders, but also from those who are making a difference and impacting others in their everyday personal and professional lives.  These stories are about real people who are making a real difference even on a small scale.

Chapter Topics Include:

  • Overcoming Negative Beliefs
  • Finding Passion/Life Purpose
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Goals
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Life Balance
  • Financial Peace and Happiness
  • Wellness
  • Mind, Body and Soul
  • Faith

You will be inspired and motivated to move to the next level of your life and business as you read this powerful book.

The Difference Maker Community

Best-selling author and speaker Michelle Prince has created a community of difference makers in what she calls the “Difference Maker Movement.”  This community is dedicated to providing products and services that enable others to find their inspiration, wisdom and the courage they need in order to get through life’s tough challenges and to make a difference for others in the process. I dare YOU to be a difference maker!